Backfill Demo


Step 1: For filling pink and whites: The nails should stay shiny.
Step 2: Take your drill and notch out a smile line, behind your original line. Do not go too deep or into the nail bed area. Push back the cuticle.
Step 3: File the edge below this smile line down as you will be applying new product over this area. With a round barrel drill bit, file out the white area to the natural nail or to the tip. Take out the white area to be as thin as possible. File the back area near the cuticle. Remember to keep the smile line area shiny. Dehydrate the natural nail. Apply primer to the natural nail only. Apply line eliminator to the old product; this will eliminate the line when the new product is placed over this area.
Step 4: Take ball of white and put in the smile line area and form and sculpt the free edge.
Step 5: Place the last product ball (clear or pink) at the new growth area of the natural nail, then stroke the excess towards the free-edge. Proceed to the finishing of the nails.
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