Acrylic Plus Demo

Step1: After nail have been prepped. Optional: If you feel you need it, you can apply Acrylic Plus Primer to the nails. Cover the nail plate completely while being careful not to come into contact with the skin. You can use Extra Strength Primer; which is an Acid Primer or Acidless Primer.
Step2: Apply forms or tips as instructed in the general prep instructions, Make sure they fit snug under the free edge while following the contour of the nail. Pinch the bottom of the form. Use the cut-out center circle to hold the form secure.
Step3: Take a sable brush and immerse the brush into the Acrylic Plus Bonding Acrylic Liquid. Your ratio should be 2:1-2 parts liquid to 1 part powder. Pick up the first ball of white Acrylic Plus Powder. The first ball to be placed onto the free edge should have the consistency to hold it's shape when worked but not so dry as to fall off the form. Use the body of the brush to pat the product and form a "smile" line where the pink of the nail body and the white free edge meet. Apply additional small white ball to the corners to perfect the smile line.
Step4: Pick up a ball of pink Acrylic Plus Bonding Powder and apply to half of the nail body, just behind the "smile" line. Position the product.
Step5: Apply another ball of pink powder behind the 2nd ball near the cuticle area; up to but not touching the skin. Also, try to keep the product application thinner as it tapers towards the cuticle.
Step6: Take the form off and pinch the sides to complete the perfect "C" curve. Use both thumbs and pinch the sides and hold for a few seconds. This must be done before the acrylic is completely set.
Step7: Using the 180 Grit Zebra File, file by shaping the left and the right sides of the nail groove and the free edge of each nail. Finish by using a yellow block or double Zebra/Black Board to file the top of the nail.
Step8: Buff to a high shine with Miracle Buff & Shine Block. This will give you a perfect finish.
Step9: You can continue by applying polish, leaving the nails natural, applying a gel seal or top coat.

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